If the distance between China and Canada is 7723 km, then what’s the distance between the previous me and the current me? If there are 12 hours between home and here, what time is it for me now? When a new life meets an old one, that moment draws me close. Tasting newness and oldness at the same time, I can experience the distance and difference between there and here, then and now.

Here, in public parks, the bottom of trees are protected with mounds of mulch, surrounded by grass. The squirrels are many and they run freely (they aren’t afraid of humans). So many birds hang out in the parking lots. Last year, there was the Big Frozen, the ice storm. When water falls in South China, it’s just rain. When the water fell here last winter, the extreme temperature froze the moment and I could see its beauty.

I collect these memories as many different lives – each one is stored in my imagination.

In my recent sculpture, I have been exploring nature, loss and dislocation. Nature changes a lot. It moves, as I have moved. It always refreshes my mind. One loses many things during a move. Sometimes I feel that I have lost my language, my peace of mind, and my close connection with friends and family.

My works are the voice and imagination of my life outside my country. They record the feelings and changes in my life. Reassembling observations are my key to making sculpture, my way to Shi Wai Tao Yuan, my Shangri-la.